Skill and Faith athletes will assist in molding young men and women into well rounded individuals in education, technology, health and wellness, and life skills.


Welcome to S and F  ATHLETES 

Student  mentoring
Maintain student profile 
that includes weekly 
meeting, progress 
report, teacher check 
sheet, weekly syllabus, communication with 
parents and to foster 
the  personal and 
professional growth.
provide tutoring assistance in core subjects to help bridge the academic gap.
ACT and SAT preparation 
OBJ:Students will learn test taking strategies and practice test will be administered.
Parent and child college preparation
OBJ: Assist students and parents to set up college visits and assist in career planning.
OBJ: Offer scholarship and grant search engines
Life Skills Training
Provide life skills training that will promote physical conditioning and discipline; relate and respond to authority figures and their peers; 
assist in  helping students effectively react and handle their emotions and managing finances
Health and Wellness
Provide principles in 
varied life area that can 
lead to levels of well-being 
and life satisfaction.
Player Profile
Help increase recognition and visible exposure
leading student and student-athletes to maximize their full potential in academic, character and Life goals.
Skill and Faith Athletes was
born out of an unwavering 
passion and hope to see 
student and student-athletes
develop and maximize their 
full potential in academic,
character,and life goals.